About Roberts Disability Consultants

Roberts Disability Consultants is an independent, privately owned disability management company, established in 1989 by John Roberts. We have provided vocational services throughout the

State of Florida for more than a decade.

Roberts Disability Consultants is considered the industry leader in vocational rehabilitation, life care planning, and social security services. In addition, we provide services, including Earning Capacity Analysis, Labor Market Surveys, and Job Placement. Our commitment is to provide exceptional professional services to our customers, which would include vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities, to maximize their potential in their daily activities and their work environment.

The Roberts Disability

Consultants Team

Our team is passionate about working together to bring clear results. Each member of our team is knowledgeable in their field of expertise and will not hesitate to go the extra mile. We're here to serve you and work with you in accomplishing your goal. 

About John Roberts

John Roberts has been in the field of Private Rehabilitation since 1980. Following high school, John went into the United States Air Force where he not only worked as a physical therapist assistant, he also participated in track and field running the 110 meter high hurdles for the Air Force Track and Field team. In 1980, John participated in the 1980 Olympic trials and was then offered a scholarship to run for the University of Florida.

John attended the University of Florida and he achieved a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. He immediately began working in the field of Private Rehabilitation and he has been performing Vocational Assessments, Vocational Testing, Life Care Plans, Labor Market Surveys, Onsite Job Analyses, and Direct Job Placement of disabled individuals. Throughout the years John has studied and taken several certification courses in an attempt to maintain a more advanced knowledge of the field of rehabilitation counseling.

In 1989, John began his own company in the field of Rehabilitation Counseling providing services throughout the entire State of Florida and Southern Georgia.

In February of 1992, John then faced his own life changing injury when he broke his neck while training for a triathlon. A vertebrae fusion with hardware, halo brace and years of therapy brought about his recovery. “The injury gave me a better understanding of rehabilitation and what my clients face.”

In 1994 through 2000, John became involved in the training and education of doctors in the State of Florida. Physicians are required to take a mandatory 5-hour training course in order to provide care for State of Florida’s Workers Compensation patients.

In 1996, John began representing clients throughout the process of claiming Social Security disability benefits, as a Non-Attorney Advocate. Throughout the years, John has also maintained his athletic abilities and competitive edge by competing in a wide variety of Track and Field events throughout the United States. In 1998, John won the 110-meter high hurdles at the Nike Masters World Championships.

John has always maintained a connection between rehabilitation, in his work and with his own rehabilitation and recovery, with physical health and competition.

In 2004, John completed a one-year course to become a certified Life Care Planner as well. John is a practitioner in the field of Rehabilitation counseling, Job Placement and Life Care Planning. As a practitioner, he spends every day working in the field directly with injured individuals side by side preparing rehabilitation plans, return to work plans and in depth life care plans for disabled individuals. As a result of his work, he finds from time to time that he is asked to go into a court of law and explain life care plans and to provide an overall opinion as to an individual’s ability to return to work.

In 2005, John decided to take on longer distances and competed in his first half marathon. To-date, John has completed 20 half marathons and 5 marathons and 4 International distance Triathlons and 1 half Ironman. John’s dream of competing in the Ironman ended in April of 2009 while competing in the St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg when he once again crashed his bike, sending him to the ER with severe knee and more neck injuries.

In 2012, John trained and competed in the Rome Marathon, a dream he’s had for several years.

John continues to bridge a competitive spirit with those individuals he works with every day, disabled or non-disabled. He has a strong belief of leading by example in everything he does, but most of all he believes that he might be able to instill hope in everything he does.

John Roberts continues to work in the field of Rehabilitation Counseling providing Rehabilitations services to injured individuals. Over the years he has been instrumental in assisting individuals in their return to school or work. He has also been able to provide information to catastrophically injured individuals that will assist them to improve their lives. John believes in a team approach to all aspects of Rehabilitation and will attempt to involve all individuals who can make a difference in their lives.

Terri Roberts

Vice President

Terri L. Roberts has been the Vice President and part owner of Roberts Disability Consultants, Inc. since 1998 and is involved with all aspects of the business. She holds a BA degree from University of North Florida, majoring in Risk Management and Insurance. She previously worked for State Farm Insurance for 10 years as a Senior Claims Specialist specializing in liability and workers' compensation claims.

Chrisy Chadbourne 

Senior Case Manager - Life Care Planning

Chrisy has worked with Roberts Disability Consultants since August of 1997 as a Senior Case Manager in Life Care Planning. 

“I have developed a passion to help individuals with serious and catastrophic injuries reach their full potential and in getting the services that they need.” 

Lisa Sinclair

Senior Case Manager

Lisa Sinclair began working with Roberts Disability Consultants in January of 2002, in an administrative support role. Since this time, Lisa has achieved her Bachelor of Science Degree within Psychology from Columbia Southern University in 2017. Ms. Sinclair’s role is Case Manager Assistant with workers compensation and Family Law cases.

Melissa Green

Case Manager Assistant

Melissa Green joined Roberts Disability Consultants in July of 2011.  She has worked her way up from an Administrative Assistant to a Case Manager Assistant of Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury.

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